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Shop one of the largest selections of firearms in this area with an expert on-hand to answer any questions. Whether you are a collector, enthusiast or looking for a little extra protection, we can help you find the shooting gear and accessories to suit your needs.

Our firearms department carries pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles with selections from brand names like Glock, Beretta, Remington, Smith and Wesson, Browning and Ruger. We also stock a full line of ammunition and accessories for all guns, including quality brand names like Blackhawk, Safariland, Hornady and Federal ammunition.

Men and women of all ages can shop confidently with one of our firearms experts for shooting gear, ammunition, holsters and accessories. At Kames, we understand that each shopper is unique in his or her needs and so we have sectioned off a part of our store designed specifically for women looking for concealed carry apparel and undergarments.

In addition to firearms and ammunition, we have all the tools to keep your guns clean and functioning optimally. Shop cleaning kits from Hoppes, Pro Shot, Otis and other brands you know and trust.

Store your guns and ammunition securely with our large variety of gun safes. Whether you need a large vault to hold your rifle collection or a smaller safe to hold your handgun, safes ensure maximum security and peace of mind.

For the air gun enthusiast, we carry pellet rifles, pistols, and BB guns along with their respective ammunition and supplies.

Have a question? Call us at 330-499-4558, contact us online or come visit us at our North Canton location. We’ll be happy to talk to you about any options you’re considering or to answer any questions you might have.

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Most people clean their firearms periodically, but for the best performance from you semiautomatics, dissemble and clean you magazines as well. 

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