Sell or Trade Used Guns

Looking for a safe and legal way to sell your used gun? Kames buys, trades and consigns used guns. We accept all types of guns including rifles, shotguns & handguns. We even accept multiple guns at one time.

Sell a Used Gun

A Kames firearm expert will give you a fair assessment of your gun's value and condition, so you know you're getting a good deal. Selling your firearm to Kames is a safe and legal way for you to get some cash back for your old gun. 

Trade a Used Gun

See a gun you'd like to take home? Kames offers a used gun trade program, so you can turn your old, unwanted guns into new ones. You must submit to a federal background check in order to leave the store with a new gun. 

Consign a Used Gun

Simply bring your gun to Kames to put on consignment and we will do the work for you. As soon as we sell the gun, you get paid! We will ensure that the new owner of your firearm passes the federal background check and is legally able to own a firearm.

Once your gun is sold, we will send you a check for full value of your gun less a 20 percent consignment fee, which is a small price to pay for a hassle-free and safe gun sale.

Interested in our firearm consignment program? Contact us to learn more, use this form to get a value for your gun or stop in to our store to get started.