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Look no further than Kames when you shop for your next camping trip. We have the best camping gear, technology, brands and accessories to help make the most of your experience. Browse our large, in-store selection for tents, hiking gear, boots, sleeping bags and more.

Camping enthusiasts, hikers and families can all enjoy the large selection of apparel and accessories from Kames’ camping and outdoor department.

Interested in purchasing camping gear or have questions for our staff? Give us a call at 330-499-4558, contact us online or stop in our North Canton, Ohio store. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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  2. Backpacks, sleeping bags, and hunting gear – oh my! Check out Alps products at Kames in North Canton or visit us online at kamessports.com! Alps Mountaineering Baja 20 Pack
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Look out for widow makers – dead trees can drop large limbs and branches that could fall on your campsite and cause possible damage or harm.