Kopper Sunfish Lure 3.5" Copper Pumpkinseed

Brand: KOPPERS Model# 69771320863
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Price: $13.99
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    Kopper Sunfish Lure 3.5" Copper Pumpkinseed

    The Kopper Sunfish imitation lure invites bass to a quick meal when moving through the thick slop. Featuring fast and slow retrieve, the Kopper Sunfish lure delivers a 1800 degree swing with a steady twitch and an attractive bubbling trail.

    The Kopper Sunfish lure is equipped with high quality hook sets and has a very high strike-to-catch ratio as it is build to collapse around the custom Trokar double hook. This lure is all you need to catch bass in heavy cover. 

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-
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