Sell Your Used Guns

Do you have a used gun that you are looking to sell or an antique gun you would like an appraisal on? We're here to help. We've been dealing in the used and specialty gun market for years. You can either ship us your gun via any FFL dealer in the US, or if you are local bring it into our store. We take guns on trade, we also love to buy used guns.

There are a lot of factors that determine the value of a gun such as age, condition, how rare the model was etc. So the more information you can give us the more accurately we can value your gun. Please do your best to describe it and give us a handful of photos. We will need at least a picture of each side, a top view looking down on the gun and a bottom view.

Thanks for trusting Kames to give you a fair market offer for your used gun.

Sell or Appraise Your Used Firearms

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